Spencer Shaver Denver
Spencer Shaver Denver

Spencer Shaver of Denver Gives His Top Productivity Tips When Working from Home

With the internet age upon us, working from home is a privilege many people have started taking advantage of. Whether in sales or consulting or anything in between, you can find just about any type of business online. More people are working from home now than ever before, says Spencer Shaver of Denver, Colorado. Here, he talks about some of the productivity tips he’s used when working from home that has helped him through the years.

Spencer Shaver Denver“If you’re disciplined enough, you can work from home,” Spencer Shaver of Denver says. It’s a matter of prioritizing your time and getting your work done in increments he adds. If you work for yourself, it’s a little more difficult than working for a company, he explains, however, it’s still something that you can not only learn to do but also do well with the right tips and tricks.

“The first thing I do is make sure I have a schedule,” Spencer Shaver of Denver says. “Before I leave the office the evening prior, I make sure I have a to-do list ready for the next morning. Then, when I come in, I know what I have to do,” he says. Spencer says he’s been using this trick for decades and it really helps keep him organized.

Spencer Shaver of Denver says he likes to start his day early. Like many people, he prefers getting a few hours of work done before stopping for breakfast. He says if you’re a morning person, you’ll benefit from getting started as early as possible. “I get up like I’m going into work,” he explains, “and get about half of my work done for the day in those early morning hours.” Determine when you’re most efficient, he says, and do the bulk of your work at that time since that’s when you’ll be your most productive.

Spencer Shaver of Denver says he answers emails first thing in the morning. Then he turns off the email notification both on his computer and on his phone until mid-morning. “I’ll check it again at lunchtime,” he says and then again at the end of my workday. He saves all his phone calls for after lunch, and he doesn’t surf the internet during his work hours or let social media apps get in the way. “I just go by my list,” he says, “and I can really get a lot done this way.”

If you get distracted easily by outside noises such as neighbors cutting grass outdoors, Spencer says, get some noise-blocking headphones to use. These come in a multitude of different types, and most do a pretty good job of keeping extra noise out.

Lastly, Spencer Shaver of Denver says having a dedicated space you always go to for your work will help train your mind to realize you’re in working mode, he says. It’s really all about setting your priorities, he says and making sure you stick to it.

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