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Filmmaker Spencer Shaver of Denver Discusses How Faith Once Played a Larger Role in Hollywood Films

The film industry has transformed drastically over the years. As black and white films have changed to color, faith and morality have been sacrificed for violence and other edgy content. Filmmaker Spencer Shaver of Denver recently discussed how faith once played a larger role in the making of Hollywood films.

Entertainment critics and many parents agree that the entertainment industry has pushed values to the back burner. However, it wasn’t always this way. Spencer Shaver of Denver stated that the Hollywood movie industry used to live under what as called the “Production Code,” which set a number of limits on the amount of violence, sexual content, and obscenity a film could have. 

Spencer Shaver of Denver explained that the Production Code remained in place until 1968, and the goal was to promote higher moral standards across American society. The industry hoped films would positively impact the lives of citizens by displaying positive morals, faith, and values in films. Spencer Shaver of Denver added that the Production Code was never enforced as law and was obeyed by voluntary effort throughout the industry. Executives, filmmakers, and everyone in the industry understood that no film should lower the viewers’ moral standards.

However, Spencer Shaver of Denver explained that over the years, it became obvious that following the Production Code wasn’t entirely voluntary. Threats of censorship boards, which were previously in place and controlled the industry in the early- to mid- 1900s, and other fears led filmmakers to follow the Production Code even if they didn’t agree. Spencer Shaver of Denver stated that tides changed in the late ’60s when a film rating system was created. This was similar in concept to today’s rating system, alerting viewers to the type of content in a film. Spencer Shaver of Denver stated that while these rating systems assist parents and all viewers when choosing films, it doesn’t emphasize the importance of faith and moral values which were once pillars of the industry.

Spencer Shaver of Denver is a filmmaker with a focus on film and documentary production. He believes his audience benefits from Christian-based principles that can be shown in a powerful and thoroughly entertaining way. While Spencer Shaver of Denver believes in free speech throughout the film industry, he hopes he will be able to positively impact society by still providing films rich in positive values. 

Spencer Shaver of Denver stated that he hopes the industry as a whole can positively impact society, as many films still do, by displaying the importance of positive morals and how it can help improve the way we treat and interact with one another. He doesn’t hope the industry will travel back in time, but that it will move forward with a focus on improving the society in which we live. 

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